Terms & Benefits

Members will abide by the Rules & Regulations set out in a Code of Conduct

  • HoteliersGuild is a Private Society, a League-of-its-Own, with affiliations limited to an elite of the most established luxury hoteliers worldwide.
  • Members have pledged to cherish the classic hospitality tradition of excellence in quality standards and to deliver superior guest services.
  • Membership admission by nomination from existing members and subsequent invitation from the Board of Advisors only.
  • HoteliersGuild is powered by WorldGuide, a sophisticated global Personal Consultant platform.
  • Privileged information and support is readily available to them by WorldGuide.
  • HoteliersGuild provides a strictly private & confidential personal communication system.
  • Member hoteliers extend ‘complimentary inspection stays’ of 2 nights to fellow members, who will provide their professional feedback in the form of a “Confidential Inspection Report” to them.
  • Fellow hoteliers are offered a minimum of 50% industry discount on lowest available rate plus upgrade to suite, transfer etc. for their family vacation when staying at a member hotel.
  • When available, a ‘preferential rate’ for food & beverages will be offered.
  • Member hoteliers are encouraged to invite their VIP clients and top producers to become members of ‘HoteliersGuild Habitué Society’, which includes eligibility for specials & confidential offers, WorldGuide membership and other perks.
  • HoteliersGuild members may nominate colleagues for affiliation.

An annual membership fee of EUR 200 entitles affiliated hoteliers to the following privileges:

  • Automatic eligibility for the prestigious HoteliersGuild Excellence Award (in preparation)
  • A distinctive HoteliersGuild plaque, on disposal for placement in member hotels.
  • Membership with ‘HoteliersGuild Habitué Society’ loyalty program
  • Full access to WorldGuide’s vanguard web platform and its global network to actively support and promote HoteliersGuild member properties.
  • An attractive social and marketing network with alluring perks for member hoteliers and their families as well as for their VIP’s and regular guests
  • Strictly classified communication between hoteliers and their respective top market segments
  • Introduction of a strictly confidential, quality control tool called “Hotelier’s Hotel Review of Excellence”
  • Access to and active assistance from our distinguished Supporting Partners.