About WorldGuide

WorldGuide – The Ideal Global Platform for Hoteliers Guild

1. WorldGuide is a vast website offering sophisticated, independent information on travel, fine art, lifestyle topics and a host of other subjects, along with special user-friendly services. It easily connects people while accomplishing the following:

  • Creates a dynamic environment that invites and activates professionals affiliated with Hoteliers Guild (travel-trade, gastronomic and luxury lifestyle service providers) to get in touch and stay connected
  • Generates value by tapping into the hidden reserves of each member via the client database – ‘HoteliersGuild Habitué Society’
  • Offers an opportunity for client appreciation – Hoteliers Guild members can acquire WorldGuide memberships (at a reduced price) and in turn offer these memberships to their very important clients and/or segments of their interest (i.e. as a Christmas / frequent visitor / anniversary present)
  • Increases bookings by promoting member hotels to WorldGuide users

2. Private & confidential member interactivity

  • Member profile and coordinates are accessible to fellow members only, if so selected
  • Members can communicate with one another in a trusted and strictly confidential environment
  • A forum for members to discuss issues of concern within  the Hoteliers Guild community
  • Members may, again in confidence, nominate colleagues via their respective Ambassador/Trustee
  • Utmost discretion is quarateed when contacting their preferred markets – see ‘5. Booking engine & ‘HoteliersGuild Habitué Society’ Loyalty Program

3. Creating a growing web presence

With WorldGuide, Hoteliers Guild has the potential to create an online world, which allows owners and Managing Directors / General Managers to:

  • Promote a global presence for their properties among potential/current guests
  • Identify and recognise the benefits of participating members
  • Take advantage of neutral, discrete communication with other Hoteliers Guild members through a community platform built for this purpose
  • Conduct client-oriented surveys among past, current and potential guests
  • Build awareness of the ‘added-value factor’ for guests while promoting Hoteliers Guild

4. Hoteliers Guild will obtain valuable support from WorldGuide in selective and recurring features like:

  • Alerts on related events or specific member program activities
  • Information tailored to the target audience
  • Implementation of Hoteliers Guild’s “look and feel” under its own tab within specialised user forums

5. Booking engine & the VIC Loyalty Program

WorldGuide integrates an innovative Booking engine which:

  • Is designed to be a non-competitive, cross-marketing tool for member hoteliers
  • Functions as added-value tool, enhancing potential profits for all parties
  • Allows GMs to address their preferred market segments in an exceptionally discreet, personal and direct manner
  • Facilitates the subsequent introduction of a ‘HoteliersGuild Habitué Society’ Loyalty Program

6. Philanthropy

Hoteliers Guild will either establish a charitable foundation or connect with a reputable philanthropic organisation in an effort to promote itself as a conscientious organisation and associate with a noble cause. Information related to this activity willl be announced soon.

It is, however, our intention to attain the support of an internationally renowed personality to support this cause. We recognize that celebrity endorsement is an important driver of value for luxury hotels. Furthermore, the brands that these celebrities choose to endorse are seen as a reflection of their personal values and will asist in Hoteliers Guild’s expressed quest for ‘Eco Luxury’.

In deciding whom to invite, Hoteliers Guild intends to call upon celebrities and their agents to follow the ‘Star Character’ developed by World Wide Life Fund, which comprises the following six principles:

  1. To recognise their potential to influence consumer behaviour
  2. To encourage both comsumers and companies to be aware of the social and environmental aspects of their activities
  3. To consider the social and environmental performance of companies before endorsing them
  4. To obtain independent expert advice on that performance before endorsing companies
  5. To address any public concerns over the social and environmental performance of the brands that they currently endorse
  6. To tell professional colleagues about the commitment to the Star Charter