About Hoteliers Guild

HoteliersGuild – the Global Society of Discerning Hoteliers

HoteliersGuild is a private society, a “league of its own”, with affiliations strictly limited to an elite group of the most established luxury hoteliers worldwide, and with valuable assistance and encouragement provided by our conspicuous supporting partners.

It is a closed, private and strictly confidential web-tool, utilized by active professional hoteliers for their families and their respective properties. It additionally serves as a means to initiate, implement and guide social interaction and creativity among members.

  • HoteliersGuild provides a state-of-the-art platform for invited guests and luxury lifestyle aficionados, with the intention of offering more-refined standards of quality and personal service.
  • A truly global community of affluent and sophisticated hoteliers which has become a recognized quality authority, as well as a cross-marketing & sales tool for their respective properties
  • Above 70 well established hoteliers with management responsibilities for more than 200 luxury hotels are presently affiliated
  • The perfect tool to encourage, implement and guide social interaction and creativity amongst members
  • To design a sublime offer for discriminating member hoteliers and their families
  • A state-of-the-art platform for lifestyle aficionados and invited guests of member hoteliers, with the intention to offer them even more refined standards of quality and personal service
  • A selection of the world’s best destinations and hotels in order for them to make informed decisions on traveling in style to retreats whose management and ownership is actively contributing to protecting the environment, the local community and the natural resources of the area
  • Hoteliers Guild promotes and embraces the principles of ‘Eco-Luxury’
  • A Foundation will be established and/or connected to Hoteliers Guild in order to adopt charitable/philanthropic character and to support a noble cause
  • The interactive, web-based peer-to-peer ‘intellectual collaboration’ takes advantage of the various tools which are kindly offered to you by WorldGuide, our supporting web-platform which puts an array of additional communications, marketing & PR tools as well as other interesting guest services at your fingertips

It is of course entirely up to the individual hotelier how deeply he or she wishes to get involved, but due to their own standing in our industry, we expect an inspiring and constructive exchange of ideas on specific, strategic and beneficial insider information.
In simple terms: Member ‘duties’ are really defined by how much they are prepared to contribute and, as a result, receive in return from their colleagues.

It is important to understand the truly independent and private character of HoteliersGuild, which is aimed towards the individual hotelier and not to the group or chain he or she may be associated with!